Restorative Dental Care in Wayland, MA

A dental restoration is a prosthetic device added to the smile to repair or replace teeth. In turn, a prosthodontist is an oral health specialist whose expertise is in the design, fabrication, and application of restorations.

Audrey S. Kern, DMD, is a prosthodontist. She helps the people of Wayland, Framingham, Weston, Sudbury, and Natick all get the dental restorations they need. If you need to renew the health of the teeth in your smile, you can benefit from Dr. Kern’s expertise.

The Restorations We Offer

Dr. Kern is experienced in providing all types of restorations.

Crowns are the most common treatment we offer. These durable caps cover the entire visible portion of a tooth, making it resistant to stress and completely sealed off from decay-causing bacteria.

Fixed bridges are a connected grouping of crowns and prosthetic teeth. The crowns are added to the teeth near the site of tooth loss, suspending the new teeth in the gap.

Though we recommend implants, dentures are still a good option for people missing most or all of their teeth. These prosthetics rest in the smile without the need for surgical care.

Dr. Kern also provides dental implant restorations. Once an oral surgeon has added the implant posts to the smile, our prosthodontist adds the implant-supported crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Our prosthodontist carefully examines the health of your smile to determine the type of restorative care that you need. Even if that means having your general dentist give you a composite filling, Dr. Kern makes sure your health comes first. Then, she carefully designs and crafts each one to match your smile’s alignment and image. Then, she adds the prosthetic to your smile to ensure a comfortable fit.

Many Materials for Your Needs

Dental restorations can be made of a variety of materials. Traditionally, crowns and bridges would be made of metal, in part or completely, to guarantee its durability. However, modern dental technology can use porcelain and zirconia to create prosthetics that are almost as durable. These ceramic options come with the added benefit of blending into the rest of the smile for a uniform appearance.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Kern is best able to assess what material options work best for you. Whether metal, porcelain, or a fusion of the two suits you best, she makes sure you receive that exact type of care.

Contact Us for Restorative Dentistry

Audrey S. Kern, DMD, provides all manner of restorations. If you need your any portion of your smile repaired, you can visit our office and receive the expert care of our prosthodontist. For more information about how our specialist helps you stay healthy, call us and schedule an appointment today.

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